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General informations Why did you create www.unjourdanslavie.org? The concept of unjourdanslavie.org was in the air.


General informations

Why did you create www.unjourdanslavie.org?
The concept of unjourdanslavie.org was in the air. We created the site in July 2002. At that time, diaries on the Internet, such as blogs, and snapshots galleries were growing very quickly. The idea has come to us to create a platform of exchange on which everyone could express themselves, without constraint. The principle is simple: every day, a different photographer tells his day in four shots taken the day before, at fixed times. These photos, coming from the four corners of the world, often say more about their author than a journal written from the end of the keyboard. When we started the project, we were far from imagining that it would be so successful.

Who is this site for?
The site is aimed at both amateurs and professionals.

Who is hiding behind www.unjourdanslavie.org?
Thomas and Bridget Jung .

Private ownership, anonymity and remuneration

Is the anonymity of the photographers preserved?
Yes. Only the first name of the photographer will be published on the site. However, photographers who wish to reveal their identity may publish their full name, email address and possibly a personal site address.

What happens to emails and photographs?
They are stored in the internal database of the site. “A Day in the Life” undertakes not to sell or even distribute this information which remains condidential.

Will the photographers be paid?
No. We would like to remind you that this is a personal, self-financed and non-profit project.

What happens to the photos after publication?
The photos will be archived and will remain available on the site for the duration of the project.


Rights of third parties
Photographers wishing to publish photos on www.universeworld.org must make sure by themselves and guarantee that the selected photographs do not infringe the rights of third parties and that they have obtained from them Authorizations necessary for publication. The photographers therefore retain full responsibility.

The simple fact of registering on www.university.org implies the acceptance of this regulation. The team of www.unjourdanslavie.org reserves the right to modify this regulation without its responsibility being liable.

Conditions of publication on www.unjourdanslavie.org
The team of www.unjourdanslavie.org reserves the right to refuse the publication of any photograph not in conformity with the spirit of the site as imagined by its creators or involving scenes of violence, racial discrimination or pornography.

Technical questions

How to register ?
It’s easy. Use the registration form . You will receive within three days a confirmation email containing a reminder of the instructions and your date of publication.

What equipment do I need?
A digital camera, software to adjust the dimensions of the photos and an internet connection.

How do I send my photos?
Please send your 4 photos by email to the following address: [email protected]

When to send my photos?
For practical reasons, please take your pictures 2 DAYS before the date of publication and send them to us by email the day before 6pm (French time). The date of publication will be specified by email after registration.

What is the format of the photos?
Your photos must conform to the following dimensions: 500 * 375 pixels. The maximum file size is 150k. File Type: JPG

What may be the content of the photos?
Photos must not contain any additional text or graphics . You can photograph what you want, provided that it is something that YOU HAVE seen two days before publication: your friends, your colleagues, the TV, a building, a passer-by, a train … , Let us share a day of your life! It is not a matter of exhibiting works of art, but of sharing a DAY OF YOUR LIFE …

Can I include a caption?
Yes. Please include a short caption for each photo. Please send the caption along with the photos by email. This will be published on the web page containing your photos.


Who to contact in case of technical problem?

Which address can I send pictures to?